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Bergenstore1Scott and Bonnie Bales are committed to the success of the Bergen Store as a historic destination point and tourist attraction as well as continuing to grow the Bergen World Famous Jerky business.  Bergen World Famous Jerky is produced and sold at the Bergen Store but is also available at a number of other retail stores throughout the Province of Alberta. Bergen World Famous Jerky is an easy product to sell for fundraising as well.

Since the Bales started making Bergen World Famous Jerky the number of people and businesses in Alberta that have heard about Bergen World Famous Jerky, have tried it and liked it has grown significantly.  There are now so many orders that it is almost too hard to keep up the demand.  The current renovations to the Bergen Store and the purchase of new and updated equipment have helped to keep up with the current demand and will help with production as the demand grows.

The Bergen Store is currently undergoing renovations which will allow it to become HACCP certified.  This shows the commitment of the Bales to ensure that the Bergen World Famous Jerky is a premium quality beef jerky product which has been certified as a safe product in the Province of Alberta.

Canadian Soldiers in AfghanistanWhen the Niece of a local area resident, who was stationed overseas in Afghanistan, asked her Aunt to see if she could have some of the Bergen World Famous Jerky shipped to her in Afghanistan, the Aunt went to see Scott Bales at the Bergen Store.  The Niece had frequented the Bergen Store when she was younger and remembered how much she enjoyed the Bergen World Famous Jerky.  After some discussion, Scott suggested that he send over a number of cases of the Bergen World Famous Jerky to the niece and the rest of her platoon.  Scott discussed this idea with a local sign maker who made and donated a banner for Bergen World Famous Jerky that was sent with the jerky.  After a number of security clearances, the Bergen World Famous Jerky was sent to Afghanistan.  Unfortunately for the Niece, by the time the Bergen World Famous Jerky arrived, she has been reassigned to a different area.  An email was sent to her by her platoon asking her what she wanted done with the Bergen World Famous Jerky.  She told them to enjoy it and they did.  As a matter of fact, they enjoyed it so much that the whole platoon signed the banner and took a picture holding the banner.  Several months later, a soldier from Edmonton that had returned home made the trek to the Bergen Store to deliver the signed banner and picture.  The signed banner and picture hang proudly in the Bergen Store.

Hi, My name is Lynda and I live in Ontario. I am on a quest to find the best beef jerky and your store has received rave reviews. I was wondering if there is a way for me to purchase some from you and have it shipped to me. Since it is dried meat, I don't imagine it would go bad in the mail. Please let me know if this is possible and if so - can you please let me know how much your jerky costs/lb and roughly how much it would cost to ship? I was looking at picking up around $50 worth to start. Thanks so much!


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